The association

Founded in 2010, the association’s objective from the outset, in these troubled times, has been to learn to better know and understand other cultures and their religions. The organizing team brings together people from all cultures and religions, convinced that music is a unique opportunity for encounters, exchanges and sharing that helps to promote Fraternity and Peace. Involved volunteers, positioned on missions, according to their desires, their availability, wishes take part in the multiple facets of the organization of the Sacrées Journées.
  • President : Michel Jermann
  • Founder, honorary member: Jean-Louis Hoffet
  • Vice President : Gérard Dreyfus
  • Secretary : Martine Boyelle
  • Treasurer : Monique Desfarges
  • Director : Lilia Thabet
  • Programming and logistics : Martine Boyelle
  • Communication and partnership : Esther Dautremant
  • Computer network and website : Philippe Ichter, Jean-Marc Hagenstein
  • Robert Betscha, Edith Feifel, Emma Gutierrez, Jean-François Hartmann, Bernadette Herrgott,Caroline Kerlan, Albert Lorber, Christiane Maennel, Aline Martin, Naïra MesbahJean-Cyrille Muzelet, Raji Parisot, Jérôme Ruch, Marie-Pierre SiffertDaniel Speckel
  • Representative of the city of Strasbourg
  • And also : Luisa Angius, David Bindou, Christiane Hoffet, Jean Sturm, Francis Wurtz
  • Sound and light control : Christophe Panzer

The Statutes (click HERE)
The certificate (click HERE)
The rules of procedure (click HERE)
Agenda of the General Assembly – 2020 (cliquer ICI)