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Conference - Tasting of CORSES POLYPHONIES

By Nadine Rossello, of the Madamicella Ensemble

Corsican Polyphony, a very singular oral transmission repertoire, changes the usual codes of positioning (closed semicircle), accountability (one per voice) and exchanges (no direction) within the group. It opens to a form of very embodied interpretation which leaves a real space of freedom (tempis) and improvisation (ornaments) to the singers.

These bases thus posed, it is a question of proposing an original and interactive approach in the form of a Conference-Tasting of which the listeners become actors; integrated in a circle with Nadine, they will be able at the same time to listen to various commented pieces and to set up with her in very little time a traditional Corsican Polyphony -Paghjella or Sacred Song- to understand the springs of it and to feel all the feelings which this Polyphony gets to those which interpret it, or to remain spectators and to taste with the pleasure of listening to this ephemeral formation!

Date and place of the Conference - Tasting :

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