Les Sacrées Journées



Once upon a time, there was Muses, born from the meeting of three women who wanted to “polyphonate”: to sing in several voices. 

Maud Ceschia, Angélique Higelin and Danièle Walter

Through the theme of Christianity, Muses invites us to feel, through a harmonious vocal sorority, how much the values of listening, sharing, forgiveness and love are the foundation of a humanity at peace on an individual and global scale.

Travelling through times and regions, Muses makes liturgical chants, fervor, hymns, gospel songs, colored gospels resonate with the warmth of the continents… so many worlds to discover, from the traditional repertoire of our regions and elsewhere.

Like a kaleidoscope, the timbres and tessitura playing to reflect the outside light infinitely and in color, Muses invites the public to travel to the heart of the soul and its different sources of inspiration.

In the light of three female voices, this program given in the Cathedral of Strasbourg will particularly illuminate the figure of Mary, to give way to breathing, meditation, meditation, appeasement.


Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 8:30 p.m. - Strasbourg Cathedral

en robe noire (www.mariusz-marcin.com),
en robe crème (Mathieu Lavarenne) ,
devant le piano (Patrick Froesch)