The umbrellas of the Sacrées Journées

During the 7th edition of the Festival des Sacrées Journées, in January 2019, the French press cartoonist and cartoonist PLANTU did us the honor of supporting the Sacrées Journées. He authorized us to distribute this drawing emblematic of the spirit of the Festival: “Living is not waiting for the storm to pass. To live is to learn to dance in the rain”.

The aphorism “To live is to learn to dance in the rain …” attributed to Seneca, a philosopher of antiquity, is a brilliant statement of knowledge and a spirit of life.

PLANTU during the conference at the Librairie Kleber during the 7th Festival des Sacrées Journées

After the conference at the Kléber bookstore, a short walk in the city of Strasbourg.

From left to right: Michel JERMANN, president of the Sacred Days, PLANTU, Lilia BENSEDRINE, director, Jean-Louis HOFFET, founder and Philippe ICHTER of the Sacred Days Office.

Autumn has arrived in Alsace, when the sky is rainy, you can protect yourself from the bad weather with the “umbrella of the Sacred Days”.

We propose it to you for the price of 15€.

Original, colorful and with the claw of the musician angel of the Sacred Days, you can pleasantly protect yourself from the autumn showers. Thank you for your support.  

If you wish to acquire it, please leave us a short message at the following address:

Courtesy of Plantu, front cover of the

7th edition of the Festival of the Sacred Days


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A festival that invites you to change the way you look at others

The Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg offers a unique concept in France: the discovery and encounter of sacred music from around the world.

Three groups of artists of different spiritualities perform, on the same evening, in the same place. These intercultural concerts allow the public to discover the richness of their artistic diversity and constitute a real mediation role.

The Festival is aimed at a multicultural, intergenerational audience of diverse social origins, composed of amateurs and connoisseurs, believers and non-believers alike.

The programming is based on the originality and quality of professional ensembles from all over the world and the promotion of young talents and local artists.

A new presentation of the Festival des Sacrées Journées has been written. We invite you to discover it on the attached 4 pages.

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